Even though the organization is new, the history & roots of the organization start as early as 1987

MMC Healthcare

  • 1987

    1987 Birth of Madras Medical Company (Partnership).

    The auspicious beginnings of the Madras Medical Company, a partnership firm dates back to 1987.

  • 1997

    1997 Remodeled as MMC Healthcare Ltd (Public Ltd)

    A decade after its inception, MMC becomes a public venture with a new name MMC Healthcare Limited.

  • 2016

    2016 At present - MMC Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,

    Demerged and MMC Pharmaceuticals Ltd – the resultant company is born.

  • 2017

    2017 Launched Infertility division

    Launched Infertility division marketing collaboration with Inno4sight – in the field of Infertility.

    Launched Infertility, Gynecology, Urology & Sexology

    Launched Ziva Team

    Existing Team named as Prima and to focus on Physicians, General Gynecology & Pediatrics

  • 2018

    2018 Collaborations

    Collaboration with SRM University for Clinical Trials.

    Collaboration with CSIR – NBIR for product licensing & development.

    Launched health Insurance for all the Employees and their families

    Launched Educational Scholarship of Children’s of employees

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